Chronology of Pandemic in UK

December 31st 2019 China alerts WHO to new virus.

January 23rd Study reveals a third of China’s patients require intensive care.

January 24th Boris Johnson misses first Cobr meeting.

January 29th Boris Johnson misses second Cobr meeting.

January 31st The NHS declares first ever ‘Level 4 critical incident’ Meanwhile, the government declines to / fails to / does not join European scheme to source PPE.

February 5th Boris Johnson misses third Cobr meeting.

February 12th Boris Johnson misses fourth Cobr meeting. Exeter University published study warning Coronavirus could infect 45 million people in the UK if left unchallenged.

February 13th Boris Johnson misses conference call with European leaders.

February 14th Boris Johnson goes away on holiday. Aides are told keeps Johnson’s briefing notes short or he will not read them.

February 18th Johnson misses fifth Cobr meeting.

February 26th Boris Johnson announces ‘Herd Immunity’ strategy, announcing some people will lose loved ones. Government document is leaked, predicting half a million Brits could die in ‘worse case scenario’

February 29th Boris Johnson retreats to his country manor. NHS warns of ‘PPE shortage nightmare’ Stockpiles have dwindled or expired after years of austerity cuts.

March 2nd Boris Johnson attends his first Cobr meeting, declining another opportunity to join European PPE scheme. Government’s own scientists say over half a million Brits could die if virus left unrestrained. Johnson tells country “We are very, very well prepared.”

March 3rd Scientists urge Government to advise public not to shake hands. Boris Johnson brags about shaking hands of Coronavirus patients.

March 4th Government stops providing daily updates on virus following a 70% spike in UK cases. They will later U-turn on this amid accusations they are withholding vital information.

March 5th Boris Johnson tells public to ‘wash their hands and business as usual’

March 7th Boris Johnson joins 82,000 people at Six Nations match.

March 9th After Ireland cancels St Patrick’s day parades, the Government says there’s “No Rationale” for cancelling sporting events.

March 10th – 13th Cheltenham takes place, more than a quarter of a million people attend.

March 11th – 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans fly to Liverpool.

March 12th Boris Johnson states banning events such as Cheltenham will have little effect. The Imperial College study finds the government’s plan is projected to kill half a million people.

March 13th The FA suspends the Premier League, citing an absence of Government guidance. Britain is invited to join European scheme for joint purchase of ventilators, and refuses. Boris Johnson lifts restrictions of those arriving from Coronavirus hot spots.

March 14th Government is still allowing mass gatherings, as Stereophonics play to 5,000 people in Cardiff.

March 16th Boris Johnson asks Britons not to go to pubs, but allows them to stay open. During a conference call, Johnson jokes that push to build new ventilators should be called ‘Operation Last Gasp’

March 19th Hospital patients with Coronavirus are returned to care homes in a bid to free up hospital space. What follows is a boom of virus cases in care homes.

March 20th The Government states that PPE shortage crisis is “Completely resolved”. Less than two weeks later, the British Medical Association reports an acute shortage in PPE.

March 23rd UK goes into lockdown.

March 26th Boris Johnson is accused of putting ‘Brexit over Breathing’ by not joining EU ventilator scheme. The government then state they had not joined the scheme because they had ‘missed the email’

April 1st The Evening Standard publishes that just 0.17% of NHS staff have been tested for the virus.

April 3rd The UK death toll overtakes China.

April 5th – 17.5 million Antibody tests, ordered by the government and described by Boris Johnson as a ‘game changer’ are found to be a failure.

April 7th Boris Johnson is moved to intensive care with Coronavirus.

April 16th Flights bring 15,000 people a day into the UK – without virus testing.

April 17th Health Secretary Matt Hancock says “I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and have PPE fall from the sky.” The UK has now missed four opportunities to join the EU’s PPE scheme.

April 21st The Government fails to reach its target of face masks for the NHS, as it is revealed manufactures offers of help were met with silence. Instead millions of pieces of PPE are being shipped from the UK to Europe.

April 23rd – 24th Government announces testing kits for 10 million key workers. Orders run out within minutes as only 5,000 are made available.

April 25th UK death toll from Coronavirus overtakes that of The Blitz.

April 30th Boris Johnson announces the UK has succeeded in avoiding a tragedy that had engulfed other parts of the world. At this point, the UK has the 3rd highest death toll in the world.

May 1st The Government announces it has reached its target of 100,000 tests – despite not having conducted all of the tests, but a proportion having been out.

May 5th The UK death toll becomes the highest in Europe.

May 6th Boris Johnson announces the UK could start to lift lockdown restrictions by next week

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Disdain, contempt & discourtesy – not holding my breath – UPDATE

Well, gentle reader, you have read my last rant in your droves (how many exactly is a drove? 1 or 2? who knows?)

Just to update you, as so many have very kindly supported my stance and understood my anger…

Having failed miserably to get the judge to accede to our request not to list this case until tomorrow or at least 2 pm, we have all trogged here for a 10:00 sharp start. Some from locally, others from London or even the South coast. One of our number took 8 hours to get up here last night; another suffered the ignominies of a Travelodge suffering a power cut. Your correspondent was up at 05:30, left the house,fortified by 3 strong espressi, at 06:00 sharp.

Took me over 4 hours due to rush-hour traffic – as feared, hence the request for tomorrow or a 2 pm listing. Get to court, schlepping all the impedimenta of a new trial start – papers, wig, gown, printer, coffee machine, stationery etc, just gone 10:00 due to the aforementioned traffic.

Is judge champing at the bit to start with us? Is he all ready to get the trial up and running? Is he hell!

We are immediately released until not before 14:15. So it looks like I will have to wait until after 2 pm for the judicial apology I so richly deserve!

Not holding my breath though!

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Disdain, contempt, discourtesy – The Court and The Bar – an entirely one-way street

I certainly don’t have hours of spare time to devote to ranting for my spiritual well-being, and (hopefully) for your fleeting entertainment. However, I am coming firmly to the view that unless we scream these injustices from the mountaintop whenever they occur, then our silence will be taken as acquiescence by the Stalinistic MoJ.

Thus have you all been subjected to my rants-du-jour, as each day brought another farce imposed upon us by the system. We are expected to work harder on more for less, each and every day. Yet the system works against us at every turn. Take as an example, your preparation for a trial, where you are first on the indictment, Crown are represented by silk and junior and special casework CPS lawyer, 7,000 pages of served evidence, and 108,000 pages of telecoms SERVED evidence but not so as it appears on the PPE (so no guarantee you will get paid for it). Trial starts imminently, and although the Crown reassured months ago that nothing significant would be forthcoming after end of February, you are inundated on a weekly basis with new, significant material. For some reason, despite being first on the indictment in an OCG Class A conspiracy trial scheduled to last 8 weeks, trial judge steadfastly and repeatedly refuses to give you a junior.

Well you are desperately trying to prepare for the imminent trial, so you keep yourself as lightly committed as possible – but the system works against you. Last week (see rants passim) should have involved
i) no POCA Mention (all parties agreed to do it administratively but Court listed it anyway) or if a POCA Mention – 3 minutes. But that cost me 1/2 a day because of ludicrous listing;
ii) a short(ish) PTPH – no arraignment, not a full hearing – should have been 15 minutes. That again cost me 1/2 a day because of ludicrous listing;
iii) a free morning as an historic sentence was meant to be listed at our convenience (see “I don’t bloody think so Your Honour”) but was put in without consultation. Even so, a 09:30 listing, not much to say for various reasons – not too much of a problem? The 09:30 sentence took so long due to late arrival of van etc that I left court at 13:10!!
iv) a short plea hearing at 14:00 but no, due to inability of Prison Service or Serco or HMCTS to follow order of Judge, one of defendants not produced and therefore 1 hour faffing around trying to get him “brought from the wing” to the PVL booth. So that again was almost all of Friday afternoon.

All because of the ridiculous inefficiencies of the CJS, the ludicrous listings, the lack of funding and resources, an entire week where I should have had time to work and prepare – *pouf*, up in smoke.

So, gentle reader, you may be exceedingly surprised to learn that I was not in the best of moods, nor prone to the sunniest of dispositions come Friday afternoon. So imagine the “improvement” to my mood to learn that the trial judge for our 8 week trial in Manchester, is overrunning (even worse than anticipated) and will be on summing up or even speech and summing up on Monday. My clerks, and my solicitors, all repeatedly try to get a time marking for all counsel not to have to schlep to Manchester for an early start when we know for certain that nothing can or will get done. In an 8 week trial, where the judge is still engaged in his previous matter, we asked for at least a 2 pm listing….

Ha, don’t be silly. Judge was when told that 3 London Counsel would find it onerous (and bleeding expensive), in those circumstances, to get to Manchester, with all the impedimenta for a new trial, for an early start. His response? Well it is reported that he said “I don’t care”. So listed for 10:00 we are. Also listed at 10:00 is his ongoing trial! With as much respect as I can muster – RIDICULOUS and RUDE! It is symptomatic of the disdain, contempt and discourtesy with which we are treated. We are expected to engage, work harder for less and expend hour upon hour of goodwill for the system, for the Court, out of courtesy to the judge. Yet so often do we get absolutely sweet FA in return, other than the proverbial two fingers as here.

Well, as you may have gathered, and as I have told you, gentle reader, before, I have had enough. I wrote a letter of complaint to the Recorder of that fair city. I don’t expect that to have any effect but, if I don’t how can I complain if nothing changes? Every time I discuss these iniquities with colleagues, with clerks, they all say, “it won’t help” to write, complain or whatever. But if we all concede that then we condemn ourselves. Rather if each time we feel that we want to complain we do…. Something might, just might, change. Can’t hurt? And it helps me vent and keep my blood pressure below 160/110!

Herewith the redacted contents of my letter, for your delectation:

“Dear Judge

It is with regret that I find myself writing to you in complaint at the conduct of the proceedings relating to CM et al T20157xxx.

This matter has endured tortuous progress to this point, with the trial listed to start on Monday 6th June (having had an earlier fixture of 4th April broken due to inability of the defence to deal with the substantial volume of the case). There are still outstanding Applications to Dismiss for CM and others. These applications are due to be heard on Tuesday, the currently slated second day of trial. This is an unfortunate state of affairs in any event, but it seems that there are further issues with timing that have arisen. We understand that HHJ W., designated trial judge, is currently presiding over a trial, in which the evidence has only today been concluded. It appears that speeches may conclude today but if not then on Monday, with summing up necessarily following on Monday, maybe into Tuesday.

Both those instructing and my clerks, have liaised with the Court to ask that, in those circumstances, the case not be listed on Monday at all, or if it must remain on Monday, then not before 2pm. This is in no small measure because three trial counsel, at least, are from London. As far as C (and I believe D) M are concerned, the LAA have accepted that Messrs A. were justified in instructing counsel from “off circuit” due to the nature of the case and my particular experience and expertise with telephone evidence. When we reiterated our request for a later time marking, we were met with a report from the List Office that HHJ W. said that, in effect, he did not care. This leaves London Counsel having to leave London at 5 or 6 in the morning, and expend hundreds of pounds in travel expenses, to come eventually from the public purse, for, with the greatest of respect, no good reason. There is clearly no prospect of the Judge being able to hear anything substantive in our case on Monday before lunch, if indeed at all.

It is, as I say, with regret that I write to express my concern at the manner in which Counsel are treated by the Criminal Justice System in the current climate. It is, of course, accepted that there are numerous considerations in the smooth, or in any event least inefficient, running of the Criminal Justice System, and Counsel understand that we must play our part therein. However, we do not appear to receive any consideration in return. There is limited if any consideration of availability, convenience or such matters. This is sadly the last in a litany of such instances, and amounts to the straw that is breaking the camel’s back.

I appreciate there is perhaps little that can be done, but if Counsel does not raise these issues and concerns, then they are brushed under the carpet and the (mis)treatment, if I may so characterize it, will continue unabated.”

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I don’t bloody think so Your Honour!

So, another day, another rant. Today, punter, who pleaded guilty, in April 2015, is finally up for sentence – listed at 09:30. Sadly he is in custody at Highpoint. Guess what…. He’s not here yet. There’s no eta yet. The cells have not got a clue, yet.

Judge sore unimpressed. Well a darn sight less unimpressed than am I, here at sparrowfart for a 09:30 listing, in the full knowledge that if by some miracle he was produced by 09:30, the cells would not have let me in to speak to him! And in the similar certain knowledge that of course he was never going to be produced by 10:30 let alone 09:30. Sure enough, it’s now 10:15 and no sign. No eta. No news!

Well another day, another set of hours wasted, another dollar, oh no maybe not another dollar.

But that ain’t all. There’s some more history to this! As I say, he pleaded last April – over a year ago. Sentence was adjourned until after trials 1 and 2 – so estimate of July.

Unbeknownst to us, a judge, on 11th May, listed the sentence for 31st May. Did anyone tell us? Take a wild f**king guess. Of course not. No notice to client, solicitors or clerks.

So we are ringing the court on a weekly basis trying to wring some information out of the list office – no, no news. No fixture. No nothing. Last week, 23rd or 24th May, we are told, no there’s another trial in June, you’ll be sentenced after that. Hmmm.

So come Friday 27th May, and clerks happen to check the “final” list at about 6 pm and lo and behold the case is listed. Didn’t appear in the “draft” list of course. Court error pointed out by CPS apparently. But not an error we could ever have known about as we were never told!

So Tuesday morning, I’m stuck forever in Birmingham on a 3 minute POCA mention – see rants passim. Solicitors, told for first time it’s in for sentence that afternoon, try desperately to track down punter – to no avail (hardly surprising as unbeknownst to any of us he’s inside serving for something else). My clerks are in communication with List Office all morning on Tuesday trying to sort it out… Eventually told that “we’ve done all we can”. The case will be relisted with counsels’ convenience in mind. Hogwash. Fixed without consultation for Friday at 09:30 (see above).

Judge today has hissy fit that no one was here on Tuesday – I told him that it was the Court’s errors that caused the problems. Still says we should have sent someone to “be there” at court, and represent the non-present defendant, at the ineffective waste-of-time hearing. And who, pray, would pay for that? I would, of course, I would have to fund stand-in counsel, from my ever-reducing brief fee. No, no, thrice no. Why on earth should I? Why should we? How do we tolerate this?

I told the judge as much. He may not have been happy. But frankly, I am beyond caring. I will do this “job” to the best of my limited ability. I will do it with integrity. I will go the extra mile. I will work on phone material until 3 in the morning, in the sure knowledge that I won’t get paid for it. I will appear pro bono on renewal hearings at the Court of Appeal in the sure knowledge that I will spend 1 hr on my feet “arguing” with their Lordships to be told that it was not arguable and therefore no remuneration. But I will not throw time, effort and money on ridiculous shit like this. The difference? What I will do, I will do for the client, to ensure he is represented as well as properly possible. What I won’t do, is bend over backwards for the MoJ, for the CPS, for the system, that is currently raping and pillaging its practitioners, and say with a smile on my face, please sir can I have another!

No, no more. I have had enough. I will never let my client’s interests be truly endangered. But neither will I window dress crap for the sake of the Judiciary’s ego or the Court Service’s KPIs and statistics.

Someone has to do something about this. The only reason I have time to pen this crappy rant is that client is STILL not here for his 09:30. ETA not before 12:00. Well that will make it easy to get to Snaresbrook for my 14:00 hearing, that’s also free. That is entirely occasioned by the inefficiencies of the CPS and the stupidities of the DCS.


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Ongoing List Farrago

Tomorrow in Kingston upon Thames – any better?
Well gentle reader, have a guess….

Court 11 – sitting at 10:00 AM

For Application
U20160217 POCA X 1

For Application to Vary Bail Conditions
T20160137 SMITH Joe G

For Application for Bail
T20160212 WOODERSON Perry S

Plea and Trial Preparation
T20160201 LEWIS Zac
T20160210 LEWIS Zac
T20160211 LEWIS Zac
For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
S20160092 LEWIS Zac

Plea and Trial Preparation
T20160260 MCEWEN Jake R

T20160262 WESTBROOK Nikolka

T20167160 EDEN Peter

T20167162 SHELTON Ricky

T20167159 ASPROIU RAZVAN Stefan
CALAPOD Costinel
OPREA Marius
STRACA Gabriel T

T20160259 FENEMORE Jack

For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
T20167072 CASEY James L

T20167075 PENFOLD Trelby-Thomas

For Execution of Bench Warrant
T20150622 OLIVER Robert P

So 9th on at 10.00 (counting that multiple Zac Lewis case as “one”). The last case of the morning will be 13th on at 10.00.

No one is suggesting that we will all be called on at 10.00. No one is suggesting that we can all be dealt with first. BUT how can the desire of the Court not to risk a pico-second of “non-sitting” time justify the discourtesy and effective “two-fingers” of 9th on at 10.00. Even if each of the hearings before us take only an average of 10 minutes – that’s nigh on an hour and a half. But bail applications and PTPHs take longer on average by the time everyone is in, settled then out again. So that’s another entire morning gone for one short hearing.

How can this happen? How can the judiciary not notice the iniquity of this listing procedure? How can the Advocates tolerate it?

Almost looking forward to starting my nightmare trial next week, without a junior currently for some reason best known only to our judge… But at least I won’t have to cope with listing idiocies like this!

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There’s a new second, longer list, and advocates are at the bottom of that one!

Another week, another listing farrago….

Birmingham Crown Court this time. POCA mention – CPS suggest taking it out of the list last week as no one’s ready and there are extra-jurisdictional enquiries still ongoing, but Court orders that it remain in. So three counsel have to rock up at Birmingham for a 3 minute mention, to adjourn the hearing to complete the enquiries that we told the Court about last week. Total waste of time, effort and money.

And then there’s the listing…
Court 7 – sitting at 10:00 AM


Committal for Sentence
S20160384 ARNOLD Dwayne

For Sentence
T20151051 JONES Daniel L
GREER Tracey

T20158028 WOOD Robert C
T20158033 JACKSON George W

Breach of Requirements of Community Service Order
S20160365 BUSH Conor P

For Directions
T20148297 HARRIS Andre A

T20148582 MORRIS Stephen R

For Sentence
T20158015 WALFORD Mark A

T20150338 WOOD Stuart


So we have a 10:00 sentence, followed by a two-handed sentence and a three-handed sentence at 10:15. Then another sentence at 10:30. Then our pointless POCA mention. But the court doesn’t start until about 10:30 in the first place. And the Court then takes the sentence that was meant to follow the POCA mentions before the mentions – without any reference to us. No consent, no consultation, no discussion.

We are now at 12:35 and we’re still not on, for our pointless 3 minute mention that could have been dealt with by email quite easily but no – let’s keep three senior(ish) counsel hanging around for over 2 hours, for 3 minutes in Court, after 1 1/2 hour travel there, awaiting a lovely 1 1/2 hr journey back. And they’ve just called something else on that is after us in the list….

How can a sensible and efficient Criminal Justice Service operate like this?
How can we be treated like this, we are professionals and you would have thought rather central to the operation of the CJS?
Why does no one do anything about it?

Had enough, oh Lord, have I had enough.

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Listing – how far down the list do the Bar come?

It has become increasingly apparent that List Officers given even less of a fig than ever about any semblance of assistance to counsel or common sense and fair play in day to day listing. They refuse to list mentions when requested, only after repeated and prolonged badgering does anything happen. They move things apparently at a whim, without consultation and with not much more notice.

However, it is perhaps the day-to-day listing that causes more inconvenience, anger and resentment than anything else.

I have a case in Manchester Crown Court at Crown Square tomorrow and a hearing in another case at Derby CC.  A pupil will have to cover my case at Derby and this is the list she will have to contend with:

Court 4 – sitting at 10:30 AM


For Review

T20160154 KEELY James C

For Mention (Defendant to Attend)

T20097138 DAVIDSON Joseph A

For Mention
T20150364 HOPKINSON Antony
For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
T20150677 PALFREYMAN Lawrence

For Mention
T20150808 CRYANS Jack
T20160044 CRYANS Jack
For Application
S20160248 FREEMAN AKA BEST Michael A
Breach of Order
S20160183 MCDUFFUS Shane D
S20160233 HUSSAIN Zunaib
S20160237 FINN Carl J

S20160236 MILLER Terence P

S20160245 ILIFFE Anthony A

S20160246 HICKLIN Matthew L

S20160247 ALLEN Charlotte E
Committal for Sentence
S20160184 MARSHALL Tracey M


For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
T20167081 EMMS Samuel P
Committal for Sentence
S20160135 EMMS Samuel P
S20160134 EMMS Samuel P
Plea and Trial Preparation
T20160239 BOOTH Lisa
T20167135 FATHOULLAH Nezar S

All of those cases are listed at 10:30  – not one time-marking to be found.  Our case is, in effect, 20th on at 10:30, after numerous hearings, inter alia sentences, breaches of order etc – so not 2 minute jobs! An absolute farce. A complete and total lack of respect and consideration for the dozens of legal professionals who will have to attend in advance of 10:30 and then doubtless wait for hour after hour for no remuneration in most cases. Just rank discourtesy. As for my chambers pupil, it will also entail a train at silly o’clock and sillier cost. Why on earth could they not give some of the hearings a n.b. 11:00, n.b 11:30 or n.b 12:00 time marking?

The same applies to my Manchester case – we were 9th on at 10:30 – all lengthy PTPH hearings. No time markings in sight. Thankfully my clerks did manage to prevail upon the List Office to time mark our case at nb 12 pm eventually. It is a nightmarish little private prosecution with issues all over the place. Not an ideal case to be sitting waiting around for hour after hour.

We are all too aware of the total lack of consultation with the Bar and the complete lack of consideration to dates to avoid etc, but this daily two-fingers almost gets my goat even more.

Thank you. Rant over…. for now!


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Matthias, Son of Deuteronomy of Gath, has voted YES!

There are three realistic options of what the future holds for us:

  1. The doomsayers believe we are all screwed no matter what. By Xmas the fat lady will have sung. The independent Criminal Bar will be dead. The contracts will be up and running and everything, bar the leavings, will be in house.

OR that is wrong and the following two alternatives obtain:

  1. That doom scenario will obtain unless we derail the MoJ now. Unless we bring the system to a halt and wring concessions, unless we assist the Solicitors to survive, by kicking the MoJ in their Crown Prerogative Jewels, by derailing the system so Dual Contracting is shelved, defeated whatever, then we are doomed. But there is a chance of altering that outcome.


  1. That doom scenario will occur to the solicitors alone – dual contract is inevitable; solicitors 8+% cuts are here to stay. We are best placed to ignore their pain, imagine it does not affect us, to ignore that their only route to survival is curl up in a foetal ball, draw in on themselves and do virtually all the work themselves. To believe that we can ignore that, that we can survive that, that we can ally and align ourselves with our new best mate, Michael Gove and the MoJ – because we can think of them as a friendly mother figure with only our best interests at heart.

In that scenario – the solicitors implode, become a rump with the BFG and other contract holders triumphantly holding the field, but we will have all sorts of improvements, regulations etc to protect us, because Gove and the MoJ appreciate “quality” and “Independence”.

So what to do…. What are the down sides to action or inaction in each scenario?

As Matthias Son of Deuteronomy of Gath was warned – for the Blasphemy of saying “Jehovah” you will be stoned to death…. So be quiet because anything else you say will only make it worse for yourself. “Worse, how could it be any worse? Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah”.

So if i) if we’re all f**ked, then what harm can it do? How can we possibly make it worse for ourselves?

We can’t! But possibly just possibly we could change i) into ii) – if we have a chance of altering our futures, if we can muster action, if we can once more unite to demonstrate how invaluable we are to the proper operation of the CJS – how can we choose inaction? How can we choose disunity? How can we go quietly into the night?

The only reason for inaction, for voting NO, for taking no action, is if you realistically believe that negotiations with the MoJ will bear real and actual, as opposed to illusory, fruit.

What do the NO-sayers claim that we can hope to achieve from inaction? Keeping Gove and MoJ onside? For what? Does anyone actually believe what they say? Do we believe his wonderful weasel-words in his various speeches? If he is so in love with us, then why do we not receive an increase in fees – it won’t happen. The best we can hope for is the long-term avoidance of a further rate reduction.

So engagement apparently can claim as its success the avoidance of a further 8.5% cut. Do you really believe that is a reward for quality? A reassurance of recognition of our worth? I’d venture to suggest that would be naïve. It is nothing more than a delaying mechanism to keep us quiet, to keep us away from helping the solicitors in their battle.

The only movement we have ever wrung from the MoJ has not come from engagement it has come from action. Over how many years have we been shafted, rolled over and shafted once more? Only when we instituted “No Returns” (or “engaged” in them per Fenhalls) did the MoJ come to the table. Only then did they shelve cuts. Only then did they even pretend to listen.

We were so gobsmacked that we had got an inch, we immediately stuck, and struck the deal, and didn’t even try to get a foot, let alone a yard or heaven forfend a mile. Some agreed with it, many did not. It was a tad fait acccompli when presented to the Membership, but nonetheless the majority did take the deal – they bit the MoJ’s hand off in reality.

That deal is now over. It was never part of the deal that it last ad infinitum. It was to consider Leveson, Rivlin, Jeffrey. It was to take us to now. To consult.  The MoJ has apparently done that and they have agreed that we are worth at least what we are paid now. We have convinced them not to cut the further 8+% from our fees – or rather they have strategized that it is politically expedient, in the long term, to take the hit in the short term, because they know they will make more substantial savings when Dual Contracts roll out and we’re gone.

Now, however, the MoJ is engaged in a course of conduct that is aimed primarily at the Solicitors, in the front line, but do not be fooled, we will be next. If the solicitors fold under the pressure, under the wholly unviable financials, what do you imagine will happen next? The MoJ will pack up their tents, job well done? No they will carry on and flatten us too. Why wouldn’t they? Because they value the CJS? Because they want good (rather than acceptable) quality representation for criminals?

They don’t give two tinkers about us, about representation quality, about our clients. All they care about is their ideology, saving money to please Gideot and his Treasury. That’s it. That IS the bottom line. It’s about the bottom line.

My view, for what it’s worth, is that inaction, a No vote, will seal our fate. Gove will laugh all the way to the bank. We may be all smiles, all backslaps, all rhubarb rubbing for a month, two months, three months…. Come December, come January, the Solicitors, our colleagues, our Professional Clients, will be not just decimated, that’s only 1 in 10 gone, they will be carved apart, 6 or 7 out of 10 gone.

Don’t be fooled by those who say that voting Yes will only make it worse – remember Matthias son of Deuteronomy of Gath – worse? How can it be worse?

The Solicitors will be gone. We’ll be next. What are you going to do about it?

The Solicitors will be gone. We’ll be next. What are you going to do about it?

Solicitors will be gone. We’ll be next. What are you going to do about it?

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Just when you thought the CJS couldn’t sink any lower…………

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. When you thought the barrel had been scraped. When you thought we had reached the bottom of the bell curve.

Clang, the bottom has been struck, and the Criminal Justice System proceeds to dive straight past the bottom and is ploughing into the depths of Tartarus…

Incompetence, machination, manipulation, who knows from whence it stems but there is no doubt that the CJS has rapidly transitioned from creaking to croaked.

The chronic lack of funding over several years has led to an acute and systemic collapse of the operation of the CJS. The only thing shoring it up, the only thing stopping it from imploding in on itself, is to be found in the valiant efforts of the Court users – be it ushers, solicitors, clerks, probation staff, counsel – to put in all the hours, burning the candle at both ends and the middle, all for free; schlepping hither and yon for pro bono mentions across the country to try to keep proceedings on the rails in the face of the grotesque inadequacy and unfitness for purpose of a chronically underfunded CPS, and in the face of the tacit acquiescence of some of the judiciary and in the face of overt animus on the part of the MoJ.

I am not talking about the day to day nonsense to which we have all sadly become accustomed and inured. Rather, these are more catastrophic problems that, had they occurred 5 years ago, would have occasioned judicial ire, media outrage and condign consequences.

Last year, the CPS dragged their feet, failed to deal with issues of investigation, service and disclosure, failed signally to respond to requests, letters, emails etc in a private case in Croydon, despite all warnings related to wasted costs… Hearing before the Hon Recorder and other judges, warnings, orders, directions, all ignored and flouted.  CPS failed to get advocate even to attend some of the hearings, failed to have an advocate who had the slightest clue about the case to any of the hearings. Wasted costs applied for. CPS failed utterly to deal with the application – totally ignored (or ignorant of) the CPR requirements – wasted costs approaching £12,000 were awarded by the Hon Recorder, with the Crown being debarred from objecting, pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Rules, as they had failed to notify objection and to provide any representations within the specified time limits, or indeed ever or at all!

That trial then started, after being floated in – yes a warned list, floating serious drugs and violence case, privately funded, it was warned and floating. It took forever because the Crown had failed to get dates of unavailability from the complainant, who had exams of which the Crown knew nothing, the judge had to take ½ day mentions and sentences every day – so after 7 days, we had only progressed to 1 of 2 cross-examinations of the complainant. Then it was aborted, jury discharged because of the time taken, and the time likely still to be taken, with witness unavailability, with judicial commitments, the jury were already 2nd weekers, and could not sit into the following week. What a ludicrous waste of public time and money.

However, it didn’t stop there – the case, aborted in early May 2014, was listed for retrial in, no, wait for it….. December 2014! Representations were made, in October, to the CPS to review the case, on the strength of the cross-examination of the complainant. No response. Not a whimper. Further requests made. Nothing from the CPS. Listed to try to prompt action for mention on 8th December. Guess what? CPS instruct Counsel, with papers at court, not trial counsel, not advocate with any knowledge of the turgid history of this case. No, an entirely new individual without any instructions, any knowledge and no real papers. So the case had to be adjourned to the next day, all pro bono for me as private funding was exhausted and legal aid was in place. Back in front of the Recorder – Crown explain that they had not responded to the Representations because they didn’t have a copy of the transcript of the complainant’s evidence that had been provided by the Court in July and which had been referred to explicitly and at length in the Representations. They didn’t apparently realise that they were missing the key transcript for 2 whole months. I gave them my copy. They looked at it. They dropped the case. However many months later, however much public money later, however much stress for my lay client and his very involved, engaged and pleasant family! All after the first appalling mess caused by the CPS before the trial – as the Recorder said: they have learned, and learn, nothing!

Enough of Croydon you may cry – but another trial at Croydon, in September 2014, large(ish) fraud. Due to last 8 to 10 weeks. Silks and juniors abounding. After 5 weeks, purely by chance, it is discovered that a major tranche of evidence in existence of which neither the Defence, nor the Court nor even Prosecution Counsel (neither leader nor junior) were aware. Trial aborted and wasted costs to the tune of £300k ordered against the CPS and HMRC. Didn’t receive the same publicity as HHJ Joseph’s case subsequently but our one is due for retrial now this year.

This is happening more and more. Cuts and austerity are putting inadequate resources into the CJS and all the agencies and individuals involved are underfunded, understaffed and overworked. That is no doubt what caused both of those Croydon farragoes.

It is happening everywhere. Everywhere you go, you get tales of woe. We have to do more and more for less and less. I’ve had to fight off applications to transfer legal aid in i) a largeish fraud, ii) a major grooming and iii) a murder. That has necessitated multiple hearings at, and multiple trips to, amongst other hotspots, Liverpool. All for free and at substantial cost in terms of money and precious time! Becoming a normal occurrence all over the jurisdiction.

Then a trial at the Bailey has dragged on and on, due to late service, late disclosure and other problems that all stem from corners cut earlier on in the proceedings. This then causes major knock-on problems with other applications to dismiss a murder, a drugs and money-laundering case etc etc. The Judiciary are not always as helpful as they might be – they accept, as a given, the CPS’s incompetence and inadequacy, and expect the defence and Crown Counsel to sort it all out, save the process and keep the proceedings on the rails. This again leads to numerous mentions, further trips around the country, all for free, at great expense….

Today I am meant to be at the Bailey with my jury going back out, but another judge put in a “quick chat” mention to “touch base” in a major grooming case, that has a number of PTR, ground rules, CTL, severance etc hearings listed already. That of course was a freebie.

In a drugs and money-laundering case at Birmingham, an application to dismiss was lodged in relation to the single, one-off supply drugs count. The application to dismiss had to be administratively adjourned for logistical reasons, but the response to that application from the Crown was then followed by them seeking to add a further count alleging a further single-day conspiracy some weeks before.  At the adjourned application to dismiss, application to further adjourn the hearing, firstly as I was stuck at the Bailey, and covering counsel was not read-into the case and secondly the Crown had just added an entirely new count, alleging entirely new criminality.

That new count was only notified to us after the original date for the Application to Dismiss. The Judge at the hearing was all for pressing ahead, all of the above notwithstanding. He was apparently outraged that no defence statement had been served – albeit the application to dismiss was outstanding and the new count was less than 2 working days old. He finally saw a degree of sense and adjourned the hearing but still ordered the service of the Defence Statement, the above notwithstanding! He also ordered that the Crown set out how they put the new count. That deadline of course they missed. When they did respond it was to state that the single day extra conspiracy had been extended to a 2 month conspiracy. This all a week from the listed start of the trial (next Tuesday!). They apparently had given no thought to the preparedness for trial and the extra work now required. In addition to that, we have just had served today hundreds of further pages of banking and financial evidence.

We wrote to Birmingham CC to list the matter for a mention to sort out the realistic likelihood of a trial being possible next week. My senior clerk had to fight Birmingham List Office to get it mentioned – you would have thought they would be listing it asap if there was a risk of the trial being ineffective next week – but no that would be too sensible. So I have now schlepped to Birmingham for another free mention, caused by the Crown adding counts and serving substantial evidence days before trial!

Then yesterday, we learn that in a substantial £7m fraud at Blackfriars, the CPS has again requested an extension for the service of the case – second time, second time ex parte, no notice to us. We only find that out yesterday due to the Court notifying us of a mention for today. A mention that we need not attend, but how can we but attend to protect the interests of our lay client? So I have to arrange cover, as I cannot be there. And glad we are that we did! The Learned Judge, the Resident at Blackfriars had been misled by the correspondence from the Crown to believe that the Crown’s extension applications had all been on notice – they were not! The Learned Judge was far from happy. Explanation for the delay in service came there none, as the officer in the case was not there…. she was in New York……… It’s just a shambles. A debacle. Another free mention caused by CPS inefficiency and inadequacy!

All of this leads me to say:


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Proud to Be

Excellent as ever Jaime – agree with all you say. Proud to do what we do.

A view from the North

Dear Chris,

you probably do not recall meeting me. I am just one of a number of angry lawyers that you have met with over the last year or so. When we met in the Town Hall in Altrincham, I was very angry and you were very wrong. Not much has changed.

At that time you were still peddling PCT and restrictions on client choice. You were pressing ahead with swingeing cuts to advocacy fees. You were proud of your residency test. So I suppose one or two things have changed. You have been comprehensively and repeatedly proved wrong. You have abandoned or delayed some of your more disastrous proposals. The courts have given you a bloody nose on others.

Have you changed? Not one bit.

At that meeting you innocently told the room of criminal barristers and solicitors, “I have been accused of saying that barristers are fat cats…

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