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Grays Inn Standing Orders re Honorary Benchers

Being the sad sack I am, I have trawled through the Rules of my Inn, Gray’s, and found nothing. Now I have gone through the Standing Orders and found the following…. In my view, Grayling does not fit ANY of … Continue reading

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Shape of things to come in Grayling’s Brave New World

We have all devoted many pages, many hours and many words to dissecting the proposals of our current LC, Mr Grayling, and of his MoJ apparatchiks. We in the system know that it is already creaking and groaning under the … Continue reading

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All Piss and Spin – the Dork Lord or Poison Ogre?

With due acknowledgement to the Daily Telegraph reader (?) who commented on the latest Grayling spin tissue-thinly disguised as interview / news story…… Herewith examples of Grayling’s previous “soundbites”. He really is just full of piss and spin!… Chris-Grayling-Were-going-to-help-criminals-to-go-straight.html… Chris-Grayling-to-end-early-release-for-violent-criminals.htmlContinue reading

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The meat of my response (it’s not as much fun….sorry)

  Having indulged myself in a response to the Minister’s political propaganda of a foreword, I turn to the specific questions. However, my overarching response to the questions is that I do not agree that PCT is acceptable, appropriate or … Continue reading

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My Foreword to my response to the Consultation Paper

RESPONSE TO CONSULTATION PAPER: TRANSFORMING LEGAL AID (PUBLISHED 9.4.13)   I respond to this Consultation as a criminal practitioner of 19 years call. I am lucky to be a very busy senior junior, working in a wide variety of case, … Continue reading

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