All Piss and Spin – the Dork Lord or Poison Ogre?

With due acknowledgement to the Daily Telegraph reader (?) who commented on the latest Grayling spin tissue-thinly disguised as interview / news story……

Herewith examples of Grayling’s previous “soundbites”.

He really is just full of piss and spin!… Chris-Grayling-Were-going-to-help-criminals-to-go-straight.html… Chris-Grayling-to-end-early-release-for-violent-criminals.html… Prisons-could-be-opened-next-to-schools-says-Grayling.html…
Chris Grayling tells Patrick Hennessy that human rights, the European Union and welfare reform are the key issues the Conservative Party must tackle come 2015.… Queens-Speech-Probation-service-overhaul-to-end-depressing-merry-go-round-of-re-offending… Chris-Grayling-lets-join-forces-with-Labour-to-deport-Abu-Qatada… Chris-Grayling-to-ban-fertility-treatment-for-prisoners.… Gay-marriage-people-may-need-support-through-uncomfortable-social-change-says-Chris-Grayling… Chris-Grayling-not-enough-support-for-a-UK-Bill-of-Rights… Chris Grayling will unveil plans to build Britain’s biggest prison today… Seven prisons are to close within three months with the net loss of more than 1,500 places, despite Chris Grayling hailing plans to create Britain’s biggest jail… Chris-Grayling-charities-may-be-better-at-helping-prisoners-than-probation-officers… Chris-Grayling-Using-same-old-probation-services-to-cut-reoffending-is-madness… Grayling-vows-to-crack-down-on-fraudulent-whiplash-claims… Criminals-should-be-banned-from-moving-house.… Work on the feasibility of building a 2,000 capacity super-prison will also get under way.… Europe-could-be-defied-over-prisoner-votes-says-Chris-Grayling… Chris-Grayling-cant-defy-Europe-over-prisoner-voting


The analogy with a certain poison dwarf made previously on Twitter is coming to look more and more accurate.

As that tweeter rightly said, the attitude and approach seems to be….

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people eventually will come to believe it. It thus becomes vitally important to the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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