Complaint to BBC re Legal Correspondent perpetuating “Most Expensive Legal System” Lie

I tweeted a few minutes ago – can someone take issue with the BBC for the piece in which their Correspondent states as bald fact that we have the most expensive legal system in the world. My gander was up. My ire was aroused. So I duly did what I rhetorically questioned some moments before….

I complained, online, to the BBC…. Sure it will be ignored but if others were to join in the complaint, they may take notice, we may get some better reporting and maybe, heaven forfend, even a retraction, apology or something more forceful….

The MoJ / Grayling have just announced a climbdown in their policy, after much lobbying and protest from a wide section of the public and to some extent media. Central to their spin on the subject of legal aid is the oft repeated, always erroneous, claim that the UK has the “most expensive legal system in the world”. That is simply wrong – it is spun misleadingly and has been debunked numerous times. It is highly unfortunate and to be regretted that the BBC’s Legal Correspondent repeats it as accepted fact in his piece on this pivotal moment in the ongoing process of the reform of the Legal System. Had he simply and uncritically quoted Chris Grayling as claiming that, without any comment, it would have been bad enough. However, this is Mr Coleman’s voice speaking the words, as given, accepted and proven fact. Please contact the Bar Council, Criminal Bar Association, or myself to be provided with some insight as to how misleading this claim is – as are many claimed by the MoJ and the Justice Secretary (and Lord McNally). It is depressing when we are fighting for the life of our justice system that Mr Coleman and the BBC provide succour to the Ministry of Justice and Government, where it is ill deserved.


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