Ministry of Injustice, Spin, Misinformation and Downright Lies – part 2, now it’s personal, just when you thought it was safe to go back into Court…

Well well. Not at all what we were expecting when we wrote to the UK Statistics Authority – we were hoping to be corrected and shown that our Government, our Justice Department or “Lord Chancellor” would not stoop to such depths as to dissemble, mislead and obfuscate….. But apparently they have – they’ve lied, and lied and lied.

As a great friend and colleague of mine, now sadly no longer with us, would have said – liar, liar, pants on fire.

My Northern colleague has already blogged this – 

I have tweeted it – as has the CBA and loads more. Sadly it appears that the Press are not interested. As they were not interested in the Harrow Crown Court debacle, where the MoJ / HMCTS spokesperson seems to have lied through their teeth – see my previous blog on that subject  .  What will it take for our fearless investigative journalists to bite on these stories? We’re spoonfeeding them the good stuff on a daily basis.

But there we go – the Statistics Authority have confirmed what we all suspected, or rather knew – the MoJ simply could not lie straight in bed.

I have one ongoing request though to Sir Andrew Dilnot CBE – one strand of the MoJ’s web of lies that the UKSA has not called them on…… yet.

The “£2bn, most expensive blah blah blah” mantra.  So I have replied to the UKSA, thanking them for their work and their correction of Vara, but asking that they consider this aspect as well, in the following terms:

Many thanks for the enclosed letter. In my request to the Authority, I also raised the concern as to the repeated assertion by Messrs Grayling, Vara, McNally et al, and I am pretty confident I would not be alone in this, that “at £2bn we have one of the most expensive systems in the world” or some variation on that theme. 

 The grave concern, that I and others have, is that the figure of £2bn is simply wrong and misleading. It is our understanding that this is an exaggeration of a previous years total cost, in full knowledge that the following year(s) will have seen a substantial fall in that cost. Secondly, it has been widely debunked that our system is anything other than right on the European average of 0.33% when all costs are factored in – i.e. when appropriate comparisons are made as to lawyer costs in an adversarial system and judicial costs in an inquisitorial system.  This disingenuous assertion is perhaps the most widely promulgated and most dangerously misleading of the many issuing forth from the MoJ’s bunker in Petty France.

 Could I please urge the Authority to build upon its important work in the letter to Sailesh Vara, and also look into, as a matter of urgency, that issue?

Can I urge any of you, dear Readers, to keep up the pressure – write to the UKSA, email them at

Let’s get something done. Let’s get some pressure on UKSA to correct this, the most venal of lies. Let’s contact any Press or media that we may know. We don’t need friendly Press, we just need those unafraid to do their jobs and investigate. We know we can withstand the scrutiny. We know the MoJ cannot!

#saveUKjustice #pantsonfire

Yours in disgust at the MoJ, its acolytes and its press poodles.



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