Ministry of Injustice, Spin, Misinformation and Downright Lies – Part 3 – now it’s incomprehensible

As I stated in Part 2 of this blog, I emailed the UKSA, who got back to me very promptly with the response below….

The Statistics Authority investigated this point as part of its investigation of these issues. It found that the Ministry of Justice published an ad hoc official statistics note: International Comparisons of Public Expenditure on Legally Aided Services (see web link below). This report concluded that that ‘at £39 per head legal aid expenditure in England and Wales is among the highest in the world’ but also described the complexities around comparing different legal systems and cautioned users about their interpretation of the results.

The latest annual official statistics report Legal Aid Statistics in England and Wales 2012-13 did not present any information about international comparability.

In Sir Andrew’s letter to Mr Vara, at paragraph 5.i of the attached note, the Statistics Authority noted that more information could be provided about the international comparability of legal aid statistics across all the related statistical reports.

Thanks once again for raising this with us.

Kind regards …….

Anyone out there understand this? It seems to be a tacit acceptance that the claim of “among most expensive” is potentially misleading and needs to be couched with numerous caveats and other warnings, but never is….

Wonder whether this will stop Vara and his puppet-master….? Nah, doubt it.

Yours in why do we bother



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