BBC Question Time – Complaint re Grayling’s “easy ride”

Having seen the Minister for Injustice on Question Time, in this week of all weeks, one cannot been but staggered that not one question was put to him re the current debacle in the CJS. We need to get the BBC to get its head out of…. the sand ….. on this issue. So if you agree, make a complaint – I just did.

“This was the week the President of the QBD in the Court of Appeal expressly criticised the Ministry of Justice (Operation Cotton), in which a major fraud trial’s future hung in the balance, when the MoJ expressly conceded it had “hoped for the best” and then had to implement “emergency measures”, costing the tax payer far more than previously.

Your own Home Affairs editor, Dominic Casciani, has highlighted the issue this week. Even the Daily Telegraph has “laid into” and questioned the MoJ’s stance and conduct.

Yet, in this week of all weeks, the “Lord Chancellor” is invited onto Question Time, appears to haver, does appear – there was not one question about Operation Cotton, not one question about the ongoing Legal Aid dispute, not one question about any aspect of the destruction of the Criminal Justice System – be it interpreters, lawyers remuneration, access to justice, Judicial Review, the Probation Service, the Prison System.

One might query why on earth the LC was there if not to be asked anything about his sphere of influence? The lurking doubt remains in many minds that a deal was struck by the BBC not to ask him any questions that would highlight the plight of his department and cause him discomfort or embarassment….

Overall the reporting of the plight of the Criminal Justice System has been minimal, laconic and riven with a tacit acceptance of MoJ spin.

We expect better of the BBC. Can you please explain the glaring omission from QT of any such questioning?”


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Long-suffering, hard-working barrister in Criminal Practice at Chambers of John Coffey QC, 3 Temple Gardens, London
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