Ongoing List Farrago

Tomorrow in Kingston upon Thames – any better?
Well gentle reader, have a guess….

Court 11 – sitting at 10:00 AM

For Application
U20160217 POCA X 1

For Application to Vary Bail Conditions
T20160137 SMITH Joe G

For Application for Bail
T20160212 WOODERSON Perry S

Plea and Trial Preparation
T20160201 LEWIS Zac
T20160210 LEWIS Zac
T20160211 LEWIS Zac
For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
S20160092 LEWIS Zac

Plea and Trial Preparation
T20160260 MCEWEN Jake R

T20160262 WESTBROOK Nikolka

T20167160 EDEN Peter

T20167162 SHELTON Ricky

T20167159 ASPROIU RAZVAN Stefan
CALAPOD Costinel
OPREA Marius
STRACA Gabriel T

T20160259 FENEMORE Jack

For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
T20167072 CASEY James L

T20167075 PENFOLD Trelby-Thomas

For Execution of Bench Warrant
T20150622 OLIVER Robert P

So 9th on at 10.00 (counting that multiple Zac Lewis case as “one”). The last case of the morning will be 13th on at 10.00.

No one is suggesting that we will all be called on at 10.00. No one is suggesting that we can all be dealt with first. BUT how can the desire of the Court not to risk a pico-second of “non-sitting” time justify the discourtesy and effective “two-fingers” of 9th on at 10.00. Even if each of the hearings before us take only an average of 10 minutes – that’s nigh on an hour and a half. But bail applications and PTPHs take longer on average by the time everyone is in, settled then out again. So that’s another entire morning gone for one short hearing.

How can this happen? How can the judiciary not notice the iniquity of this listing procedure? How can the Advocates tolerate it?

Almost looking forward to starting my nightmare trial next week, without a junior currently for some reason best known only to our judge… But at least I won’t have to cope with listing idiocies like this!


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Long-suffering, hard-working barrister in Criminal Practice at Chambers of John Coffey QC, 3 Temple Gardens, London
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