Disdain, contempt & discourtesy – not holding my breath – UPDATE

Well, gentle reader, you have read my last rant in your droves (how many exactly is a drove? 1 or 2? who knows?)

Just to update you, as so many have very kindly supported my stance and understood my anger…

Having failed miserably to get the judge to accede to our request not to list this case until tomorrow or at least 2 pm, we have all trogged here for a 10:00 sharp start. Some from locally, others from London or even the South coast. One of our number took 8 hours to get up here last night; another suffered the ignominies of a Travelodge suffering a power cut. Your correspondent was up at 05:30, left the house,fortified by 3 strong espressi, at 06:00 sharp.

Took me over 4 hours due to rush-hour traffic – as feared, hence the request for tomorrow or a 2 pm listing. Get to court, schlepping all the impedimenta of a new trial start – papers, wig, gown, printer, coffee machine, stationery etc, just gone 10:00 due to the aforementioned traffic.

Is judge champing at the bit to start with us? Is he all ready to get the trial up and running? Is he hell!

We are immediately released until not before 14:15. So it looks like I will have to wait until after 2 pm for the judicial apology I so richly deserve!

Not holding my breath though!


About utterbarrister

Long-suffering, hard-working barrister in Criminal Practice at Chambers of John Coffey QC, 3 Temple Gardens, London
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